Time Zone Theatre Ltd

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Time Zone Theatre Ltd is registered in England and Wales, #9734395

Artistic Statement

TIME ZONE Theatre Ltd is a London-based theatre company founded in September 2011. Our aim is to

     - encourage collaboration between British and International Artists 
       and stage international plays in London.

     - produce the work of new writers as well as adaptations and 
       reinterpretations of classic plays.

     - combine different forms of arts, such as text, music and movement.

     - produce bold and daring work with the opportunity for experimentation 
       and innovation.

Artists we have worked with:

Stage directors and musical directors: Pamela Schermann, Stevan Mijailovic, Jung Han Kim, Tessa Hart, Andrew Charity

Set & costume designer: Yole Lambrecht, Anna Hourriere, Sophie Mosberger

Lighting designer: Ryan William Funnell, Katy Lowry, Nikki Sutton, Nejlah Shaddouh, Petr Vocka, Marine Le Houezec

Sound designer: Ben Osborn, Max Pappenheim, Phil Matejtschuk

Actors: Ben Hale, Megan Smith, Jenna Verdicchio, Kat Sellner, Jolyon Westhorpe, Danny Solomon, Alex Morgan, Matthew Eaton, Carmina Kato, Benedict Salter, Tom Phillips, Alexa Hartley, Alexa Brown, Samuel Harris, James MacLaren, Paul Valentine, Robert Gosling, Alexine Lafaber, Jocasta King, Emily Bairstow, Ella Duncan, Trevor Murphy, James Barnes, Adam Cunis, Josephine Berry, Venetia Twigg, Shane Noone, David Couter, Humphrey Sitima, Charles Sandford, Laura Hopwood, Yuna Shin, Marleen Zeirzer, Theresa Schwarzkopf, Fiona Battersby, Miranda Shrapnell, Sunny Yeo, Mark Curley

Company director: Pamela Schermann

pamela @ timezonetheatre.com

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